Jeff Pitcher started taking pictures in earnest after the birth of his second (of five) children using analogue methods and developing and printing his own pictures.

After winning numerous prizes, including Practical Photography’s Canon Portrait competition and his book, Pitcher Book, winning Black and White Photography’s Reader Assignment competition, as well as second place in Amateur Photographer’s Photographer of the Year competition, and having been the subject of features in national magazines including Practical Photography, The Green Parent and Amateur Photographer, he turned his lens on his hometown of Crawley, shooting the streets, the buildings and the people with an affectionate, knowing, irreverent eye.

He has held two major exhibitions at the town’s Hawth Theatre; Then Again, where he combined historic with present day photos, commissioned by Road to Crawley for Crawley Arts Development, and Play, where he captured children attending adventure playgrounds in the town, commissioned by Crawley Play Service.

He draws on his years in cult band Spitfire to inform his pictures in-the-thick-of-it documentation of the garage punk scene – his successful exhibition of pictures of bands, We Come From Garageland was a vital element of the first Beatwave festival in Hastings. He is also known for his reportage photography of radical demonstrations and occupations – his immersion in political movements gives him unique access and the trust of his fellow protestors. His photographs appear in the best-selling guide to the capital’s green spots, Rural London

Jeff’s work is available to license, and he accepts commissions.